Calming Music Part Deux – Goldfrapp

Seventh Tree, Goldfrapp’s fourth studio album, is being released in February of 2008. That being said, the album leaked in full about two months ago. Oops.
Within the cries of treachery, adultery, and larsony, fans respondedly strongly to the album’s quietly restrained nature riddled with lush, whispered tracks. It seems some people were expecting Supernature II, but that was never the intention for the band. Yes, I’ll admit, I was one of them, though I should have known better. Black Cherry is no Felt Mountain. And neither of them Supernature. For those willing to open their ears to a different kind of aural bliss, the new album is delightfully giving.

Alison Goldfrapp made a perfect statement in a feature by Q Magazine that I found over at XO’s Middle Eight regarding the upcoming album:

“While we were making it I was thinking, We’re going to sell one copy and that’ll be to my mum,” she says. “It’s a departure, and it’s scary, but that’s the point of being creative.”

A departure, indeed. Will it succeed? I’m sure it will. A&E, the first single, has Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack written all over it.

I’ll review in full as the release date draws closer.

Today the official album cover was unveiled, thanks to PopJustice forums:

Be sure to pre-order Goldfrapp’s new album, Seventh Tree (Special Edition)at Amazon.

And you, what do you think?



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