Introducing Margaret Berger

While we’re at it, I’ll introduce a “new” artist of sorts. Not really new, but you probably haven’t heard of her. If you have, pretend you haven’t. Elitists have feelings too.

Margaret Berger, not-winner of the second season of Norweigan Idol is yet another one of those artists whose last name that makes you hungry. But besides that, she is a brilliantly good pop artist, producing hits such as “Will You Remember Me Tomorrow?” and “Samantha.” Well, hits in Norway. It’s hard to place her as far as sound. I would say she’s the Norwegian Robyn.

Her first CD is wonderful, but her second is even better. Pretty Scary Silver Fairy is almost all killer, no filler. My personal favorite, “Robot Song,” was being shopped around as a single the last time I checked. Artists these days sing about the same ol’ shit: boy meets girl, drama ensues. But when’s the last time you’ve heard an artist having an outspoken panic attack about coming out to parents about their very serious relationship with a robot? Artistry, ladies and gentlemen. Not to mention the very haunting, very 21st century, moaning chorus. It’s sheer brilliance. I’ll also post up “Both Sides,” the wonderfully simple ballad from her first CD, and “Seek I’ll Hide,” the stomping, illicit, electro-sexer. That’s a word somewhere.

DL: Margaret Berger – Robot Song
DL: Margaret Berger – Both Sides
DL: Margaret Berger – Seek I’ll Hide

Please buy Margaret Berger’s Pretty Scary Silver Fairy at Amazon.

And you, what do you think?

Put your thing on freaky mode.

Put your thing on freaky mode.

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This is a remake of Britney’s Outrageous, by Sherlyn Chopra of Bollywood

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