Snoozing Love

I’m not a fan of Leona Lewis. Well, that’s a bit harsh. I just find her incredibly dull.

It’s not that she’s not perfect at singing, but she’s hardly what I would consider an “entertainer.” That’s what I like after all, showmanship and entertainment value.

That being said, she deserves all due credit for her impeccable singing ability. Her people decided to drag her over to Times Square last year to film an American version for “Bleeding Love,” her first release. Apparently, American audiences are unprepared the controversial topic of adultery. And arson.

The new video has premiered, which you can view below.

Apparently Americans are quite fine with painfully long close-up shots and sprinklings of a plot. Luckily, Times Square is constantly depicted within the video, in case you forget which version this is. It’s downright perplexing to me that her management chose to shelve the video with the tiniest morsel of entertainment in favor of this snoozer. I know she’s pegged to be the next Whitney and Mariah, but do we have to start so soon with the never-try-too-hard diva attitude? She’s not even established. Anyway, check out the original and superior version here.

The Other Kylie Single

The Other Kylie Single

Holy glam, Batman!

Robo Love

Robo Love

Perez may be posting the full video later tonight, but Heatworld’s got a

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