The Other Kylie Single

Holy glam, Batman! It’s part two of the Kylie single release: the Euro-trashy “In My Arms,” which everyone at the Kylie camp knew to be just a bit too camp for England. And when it’s too camp for England, there’s only one location left to embrace the release: the rest of Europe.

Kylie’s latest video involves sticking Kylie in a box, sticking Kylie next to a fan, and sticking Kylie inside of a yellow measuring level with intergalactic dancers! It’s all shades of tacky, and is therefore brilliant. Additionally, watch for the differentiation between ’08 Kylie (see pink microphone-crooner Kylie) and ’94 Kylie (see level Kylie). It’s the “Confide In Me” video revitalized! See the video below.

The checkered outfit is sure getting its play lately. Somewhere, a flustered Róisín Murphy is wrenching her television out of a window.

And juust to spark the fire, I believe Dannii was the first Minogue to gyrate inside of a box, no? Just saying. Let the sibling rivalry and catty fan commentary commence.

Credit to vice-assistant executive field reporter Nora.

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