Somethin’ Kinda WOO!

Perfect. HEART STATION has finally been leaked, and it’s shaping up to be an instant classic for me. The introduction starts off almost exactly like “日曜の朝,” and breaks away almost as quickly with layered English ad-libs lightly floating above the song’s stratosphere. I’m absolutely in love with this song. It’s like a warm little blend of “COLORS” and something from Deep River. The chorus is absolute seduction, and added strings really serve to enhance the enveloping feeling of warm sensuality. Not to mention the reverb ad-libbing around the song’s conclusion, which remind me of Cher’s “The Music’s No Good Without You.” Yes, I realize I just mentioned Cher. Now I’ll have to back that up in an additional post.

Anyway, what a wonderful single release this turned out to be! Click below to download the track.

EDIT: More exciting news! Utada has announced that the next Japanese album is due to be released March 17th, 2008. Get your pre-orders in now everyone!! Lord knows it may come with a dangly keychain or something equally invaluable. And I am not taking any chances this time.

DL: Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION

And please don’t forget to pre-order Utada’s new album at YesAsia.

Robbie + China = Public Works

Robbie + China = Public Works

This is too excellent to ignore

Daily B: Blinded

Daily B: Blinded

By the way, this is what enablers sounds like

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