Daily B: Britney Works Her Way Back To The Billboard Top 20, Bitch


The Legendary Miss Britney Spears‘ employee motivation anthem, Labor Day theme song and “Is this gay-baiting?” thinkpiece generator “Work Bitch” is back in the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, bitch.

After a brief lil’ drop off at #41 last week (an artistic #lotuspromo homage to Legendtina‘s “Your Body” chart performance, to be clear), the song has rocketed back to #13 this week, thanks to the newly debuted desert masterpiece of a music video. Thanks for the sharks, Ben Mor! (Have you read the video breakdown yet? Oh, okay. Because Britney has.)

From Billboard:

Just outside the Hot 100’s top tier, Britney Spears’ “Work B**ch!” rebounds 41-13, nearly matching its No. 12 peak posted upon its debut two weeks ago. Following the premiere of its official video on Oct. 1, the song re-enters Streaming Songs at No. 10 (3.8 million, up 287%) and vaults 22-14 on Digital Songs (76,000, up 50%), while bulleting again at No. 47 on Radio Songs (28 million, up 6%).

Sure, it’s not exactly a “Hold It Against Me” or a “Womanizer” debut per se, but you know what? Britney Jean’s got both Album 8 — tentatively titled Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual And A Little More Personal (Raw) — and her upcoming Piece of Me Planet Hollywood residency — also known as Live in Las Vegasney: The Bitch Is Back — to worry about. And there’s still room to climb: All she needs is time.

Unlike the 16-year-old forum trolls bickering over charts, Britney’s too busy going to Coffee Bean, heading to the dance studio and calling into local radio stations to bless unworthy hosts with her tireless LGBT Warrior activism before crawling back into bed.

Get it, get it.


“Work Bitch” was released on September 17. (iTunes)

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