A Track By…Cher.

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Now, in my defense, I only came to learn of this song after hearing it relentlessly on an employee’s mix tape at the school bookstore. I didn’t know who was singing, but I knew what the CD was called: Euro-Pop Trash Mix. Needless to say, my interest piqued.

Finally, I decided I simply had to know who sang this. I was almost positive it was a guy. I went to Google, typed the main lyrics to the chorus, and hit Search. After peeling my jaw off the floor and batting away the visions of schoolgirls pointing and laughing (“THEY’RE ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU” Exorcist moment), I decided to take it like a man and realize the source of this oh-so-pleasing melody: Cher.

Yes, Cher, damnit. Cher it is. But enough about Cher. More importantly, this song. Which was released in 2001, and sounds relevant enough to be considered “new” in today’s waning pop industry. “The Music’s No Good Without You” is a super-slick, addictive mid-tempo track that almost reminds me of “Only This Moment” by Royksopp. Except not. It’s a builder that starts off insanely low in volume, and then chugs right along into Euro-trance PERFECTION. The sheer amount of vocal effects pumped into this production make it almost impossible not to ignore. It’s truly delicious and all shades of camp, so I suggest that you at least click the link and hear the preview at the download site to get at least a taste. I can’t promise perfection, but I can promise some goat-like Diva warbling by the end of the song that is completely undeniably Cher. And who doesn’t like to lip-synch to that, really?

DL: Cher – The Music’s No Good Without You

You’ll thank me later. I know it.

Daily B: Blinded

Daily B: Blinded

By the way, this is what enablers sounds like

Cultured Nonsense

Cultured Nonsense

You may not have heard of this, so I’m posting the song

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