That Say Lou Lou reign just won’t let up.

After providing us with not one, but two brilliant singles over the past year — “Maybe You” and “Julian” — the stunning Swedish-Aussie twin sister act has returned this month with an unexpected surprise: A cover of Tame Impala‘s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”

Not familiar with Tame Impala? Fear not: They’re an Aussie psychedelic rock troupe, and “Feels” was their award-winning second single from their 2012 record, Lonerism.

From Say Lou Lou’s Soundcloud:

“Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is really enthralling, it’s like there are several different worlds inside one song. How it feels like a simple rock song (with almost pop melodies) but with a field of colour bursts of warm layered instrumentation that re-invents itself throughout the whole song… but it wasn’t until we started making our own version that we discovered how beautiful the lyrics are – another world in itself – so we decided to strip the groove back and take it into another place.

The talented twosome have taken the trippy track and given it an entirely lush makeover: With its magnificently dreamy orchestration, moody pulse and the girls’ breathy vocals wrapped around deceptively massive pop melodies, the cover sound like a cross between Lana Del Rey and an unreleased Cardigans smash. “I got my hopes up again / Oh no, not again / It feels like we only go backwards, darling,” they coo in unison.

It’s an immediate favorite, and the perfect “final embers of summer” moment as the sun goes down and the chilly season starts all over again.

Ironically, Say Lou Lou are only continuing to go up and onward.

The ‘Julian EP’ was released in May. (iTunes)