Yellow Jumpsuits

And here I was, thinking Kumi had been reforming her ways. As leader of the Coalition of All Things Asian, Smutty, & Slutty (CATASS for short), Koda Kumi is known for being atrociously over-sexualized in her videos. Whether it’s giggling her fun bags, caressing her lady area, or utilizing a bottle in a particularly clever way, she always seems to keep it classy. And use whatever it takes to distract the viewer from the actual quality of the song. I like her integrity. The new PV for “Under” has just surfaced, and while it’s a bit too boring (why is she not nude here, director?), the song is nice bit of downbeat hip-hop. Most people dislike her, so proceed cautiously.

DL: Koda Kumi – Under

And just for kicks, I defy you not to watch this clip for hours at a time. Note the resourceful way in which Kumi uses this woman’s hand:


MP3 Source: 7amad@Hikaru Forums
And you, what do you think?

It’s A Baby, Part 1?

It’s A Baby, Part 1?

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Daily B: Derriere To Be In Magazines

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