1 Night, 1/2 Album

Looks like Ms. Jackson-if-ya-nasty has been having things leak tonight faster from her new album than her vagina during her first day period (I hear she gets a bit farty.) Lower body sounds aside, let’s talk about the ones emanating from her mouth region. Tonight, five new album tracks have made their way onto cyberspace, simply yearning to be picked apart and judged by people. People like you…people like me! Keep in mind, I don’t care for Janet. But after hearing “Rock With U,” I’m willing to give her an all-out college try.

And so we begin in no particular order with:

– The beat kicked in, and I immediately looked up. Yes, it got my attention. A little bit ’90’s dance, but with a clearly dominant “new” electro-groove, the sliding track sounds like a toned down “Feedback” until it hits the glossy chorus, drawing comparisons to her brother and ultimately providing an undeniably good grove. It’s not perfect, but I’m not bored at all. So far, so good. Surprisingly.

Rollercoaster – Huh? Fergie, is that you? No…can’t be. A chugging, rollercoaster-lift like sound decorates the background of this strange, semi-mid-tempo track about an indecisive love affair, but I’m too distracted by all the rollercoaster euphemisms to take in her soul-baring lyricism. “I’m so confused / I don’t know what to do.” I couldn’t agree more. Discard.

The 1 ft. Missy Elliot – Oh Missy, why you so crazy?! “Tell me, how long is it boo? Seven inches? Yep, that’ll do!” Missy Misdemeanor proclaims off the first five seconds of the track. It’s a bell-ringing, ding-a-linging groove that is so signature Missy, with too much interference by Janet. The song ultimately succeeds in drawing attention to the guest artist here, reminding us all of how good Missy can and will be in due time. The bridge is hot though, but no fair…I’m a sucker for breathiness. Lest we forget who my idol is.

So Much Betta – This is a head bobber for sure. Opening with a warped 5-year old stylized voice, complete with vocal acrobatics, the intro is intriguing enough to continue. It’s all a bit understated, but the down-tempo beat is fairly attractive. The song doesn’t lift until two minutes in, but it’s only a momentary shine of synth. It’s not enough to save this song, though the beats are delicious.

Greatest X – EESHHH…slow music…trip-hop ballad? I’m fearful. It’s soothing and pretty, fragile vocals and all. Overall, it’s probably worthy of being stuck in my head at unusual times of the day, but it’s not something to go ga-ga about.

So 2Nite semi-rocked my socks off, and the situation steadily declined from there. I say crank up the bass, add the synth, and never look back, JJ. For now, I’ll give it a solid 6.9/10, keeping it sexy sensual for the sassy mama.

Source: MuzicMatters

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