Break It Down!

College is taking its toll on me, but I refuse to let it take my dignity on the way down to ruin. I’m rebelling by making a blog post about Britney. An important one, at that. An official remix of Britney’s new single, “Break The Ice” has been released on Promo CD’s everywhere! Download it below because it’s hot fiya. Don’t let the initial beats fool you, it gets cowbell-fierce in a few moments, and then continues to break it on down.

P.S. Merry Valentine’s Day to all! May your vases be filled with roses and carnations and your chocolates without trans fat. (It’s non-digestable, you know?)

DL: Britney Spears – Break The Ice (DJ Levan Remix)

The Video Has Arrived!

The Video Has Arrived!

Alright, enough with the teaser photos and single covers

Daily B: Recovery, Fingers Crossed

Daily B: Recovery, Fingers Crossed

Okay, you can call this one a comeback

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