Come Inside

It’s the cover of Danity Kane‘s new album, Welcome To The Dollhouse! I don’t know why, but I root for Danity Kane. Maybe it’s because I was so invested in Making the Band. Maybe it’s because I like to watch Shannon fruitlessly adapt to the ruthlessly ghetto-fab vibe of DK that she is so obviously unable to replicate. But most of all, their songs (more specifically, their choice of producers) are fairly well made products.

Onto the new album cover. Once again, I remain disappointed from the band’s disinterest in sharing wardrobes with the lead from the same-named Indie movie from 1994. Blasphemy.

Despite all this, the cover is something above average. It’s not perfect, but I’m brought to days of DC3’s Survivor, and am aroused accordingly. Of course, it’s not perfect. The title font is atrocious, and Aundrea looks a bit straining while lying down. Also, Aubrey is a Photoshop Robot with voluptuous breasts. Actually only Dawn and Wanita (okay, so that’s her real name. She goes by “D. Woods“, but everyone knows she should be representing the Wanita) look fairly natural here. But overall, I’m rooting for them.

Daily B: Recovery, Fingers Crossed

Daily B: Recovery, Fingers Crossed

Okay, you can call this one a comeback

A Hearty Bowl Of Wow

A Hearty Bowl Of Wow

After suffering the smallest amounts of leakage over the past few weeks, the

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