Lali Esposito Is Not Such a Teen Angel Anymore

Lali, Argentinian Queen of Pop, wants to kiss you all over.

Let’s talk Lali.

It’s rude that it’s taken me so long to properly Introduuce this already well-established international diva – sh-sh-shame on me… – so let’s do a super quick catch-up: Mariana “Lali” Espósito is a 26-year-old Argentinian Queen of Pop.

But before she secured her own crown, like so many of the Queens of Pop we worship, she was originally an actress and member of a pop group called Teen Angels, born of a TV dramedy soap called Casi Ángeles, sort of like how Hannah Montana became Miley Cyrus, except Lali has yet to swing nude from a wrecking ball. Yet.

After notching two Gold solo records – A Bailar in 2014 and Soy in 2016 – Lali is going through the Great Emancipation that all good girl-gone-bad pop princesses go through, and it’s beautiful thing to see.

Ahead of the release of her third album Brava (Brave), due out later this month, Lali’s been dropping bops throughout the past few months: she got her girl-on-girl action on with her #HotNSAFun trap anthem “Tu Novia” – it’s Pop Law to indulge in a casual moment of lesbian whatever before qualifying for Queendom, I don’t make the rules – guested on Mau y Ricky‘s massive “Mi Mala” with fellow Latina legends Karol G, Becky G and Leslie Grace, and turned up the heat with “100 Grados” (“100 Degrees”) with A.CHAL.

And, as of right now, Lali now wants to kiss you all over. (Gimme that kiss…ah, ah, ah, ah.)

“Besarte Mucho” is Lali’s latest from Brava, and she is not fucking around. Or, rather, she is fucking around. With you, specifically.

She wants to wake the neighbors, turn the music up, and get down. There’s really no subtlety here – it’s a bedroom banger. (Or on the kitchen floor, or the dining room table, or wherever.)

Mi monte de Venus se vuelve un volcán,” she declares. (Basically, “My public mound becomes a volcano.”) Also: “Voy a comerte hasta llegar a tus huesos / Mi boca si que sabe de eso.” (“I’m going to eat you down to your bones. My mouth already knows about that.”)


While the lyrics are hot and heavy and/or perhaps worrisomely cannibalistic in tone, the sultry song also happens to be catchy as hell. (“Mucho, mucho, mucho!“) Plus, the accompanying music video is further evidence of the prolonged impact of Glory: the “Slumber Party” lighting and dance scenes…

…and this shot-for-shot table crawl.

All she’s missing is some spilled milk, but something tells me Lali’s still getting that milk.

Anyway, Lali is that bitch. Brava is coming. And if I were you, I’d sit back, shut up, and let her kiss you where she wants to.


“Besarte Mucho” was released on July 22. (iTunes)

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