Daily B: Back To Black

In a show of pure ineptitude, doctors from the UCLA psychiatric ward have decided to release Britney Spears into the wild, despite only four days of hospitalization, claiming that she is no longer in a state of harm to herself or others. The first thing she decided to do? Flock back to the Beverly Hills hotel (her old stomping grounds). While driving, she spoke in her usual manic British accent, flashed her pink underwear, and took pictures of the paparazzi. While inside the building, Adnan Ghalib soon joined her. The two quickly left en route to Britney’s lawyer’s office. Her parents are expected in court tomorrow to strengthen the role of the conservatorship.

If something doesn’t come out of the court case tomorrow, she will undoubtedly lead herself toward self-injury and/or death.

I Lykke A Lot

I Lykke A Lot

Good evening my lovely people!

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Released today, Ami Suzuki’s Dolce is a serious attempt by a fallen

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