Should Ava Max stay or should she go?

From her global chart-dominating 2018 breakout smash hit “Sweet But Psycho,” to that half-bob hairdo, to her latest release, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: Miss Ava Max is one conflicted rising pop princess.

That said, it’s working out for her.

With “Torn,” her latest single released on Monday (August 19), Ava’s delivered a winning disco-inspired anthem dedicated to the Great Angst of Indecision.

Equipped with a brief synth flourish unquestionably reminiscent of ABBA‘s iconic “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight),” as sampled in Madonna‘s equally iconic Confessions On A Dance Floor anthem “Hung Up,” the Cirkut-produced track serves up all the drama of a properly good pop song (“You set the rain on fire / I wish the lows were higher / Wish I could stop, stop, stop to save me“) and, mercifully, a chorus.

Yes: a real chorus – a sing-along earworm (“Oh no!“) – in the middle of this pop drought.

“Love and hate are two of the strongest emotions we feel in relationships. ‘Torn’ explores the struggle between them that everyone can relate to. I’m so excited to share my new single with the world! Keep your eyes peeled for the video coming soon,” Ava says of the new song.

Give “Torn” a spin, then give it another: the only thing you won’t be, ironically, is torn.

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Photo Credit: Atlantic Records / Lauren Dunn