Our Dirty Little Secret

I don’t consider myself to have any “guilty pleasures.” My loved ones have all come to the conclusion that such a barrier does not exist for one whose idols include Britney Spears, the Minogue sisters, and assorted Asian pop stars. One doesn’t appreciate the snarkiness, but one also understands the logic involved.

But if I had to choose an artist to be my “guilty pleasure,” it would undeniably be the one and only, Ashlee Simpson. Lip-synching, faux-punk rock, and unmerited cockiness are all the ingredients necessary for the creation of Ashlee’s persona…all this I already know. Yet there’s something about her music that is undeniably delicious. I mean, come on. “La La,” “L.O.V.E,” and now “Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)”? It’s hard not to secretly listen to them on a streaming website so that no one will ever know that you’ve heard it once or seventy four times. But me? Nope. I’m going to put myself out there and say that I went ahead and downloaded her “EP” of sorts, including the main single and B-Side, “Rule Breaker,” which I believe will be released with her new album. It’s an all-too sassy, knowing stomper about brawling and fighting, which of course the Orange County snot face would know nothing about. But at the same time, I just want to dance with her. And for the record, the track is incredibly Dragonette. I just compared Ashlee to a credible artist…forgive me. But it’s the truth.

Now go on and listen to the song. The download is anonymous, so don’t worry; this can be our little secret.

DL: Ashlee Simpson – Rule Breaker

Róisín Murphy 1, Heidi Montag 0

Róisín Murphy 1, Heidi Montag 0

Róisín Murphy!

I Lykke A Lot

I Lykke A Lot

Good evening my lovely people!

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