Róisín Murphy 1, Heidi Montag 0

Róisín Murphy! Just the person I need to shake off a case of the Mondays. That, and my accidental viewing of Heidi Montag’s “Higher” video, directed by what’s-his-face. …Someone’s got to put a magnetic strip on top of her breasts. I swear I’ve seen the nipples beaming intelligence reports to satellites above. Just look at the way they’re pointed, people! This is not just a bad boob job. It’s terrorism in progress. DO. SOMETHING.

ANYWAY. Back to Róisín, who’s name is apparently pronounced “ro-sheen.” Hmm. I’ve always thought it was “roy-sin.” I wonder who’s heard me say it like that. Oh dear. Credibility diminishing by the millisecond…

Murphy’s new single, “You Know Me Better” is due to be released March 31st, and is in sore need of attention. The track delivers a solid smack of synth applied directly to the face which, if felt directly, should result in some severe foot tapping and general shimmy-na-na’ing. A sassy finger wave or two may even be in order. If the longing chorus doesn’t get to you, the echoey aftermath will. The single should perform quite well overseas, and I am excited to hear the upcoming B-Sides and remixes. Heidi Montag, stop while everyone still knows your name.

DL : Róisín Murphy – You Know Me Better

Credit to I Don’t Want Your Life and ArjanWrites for images.



Let’s keep this one short and to the point, now shall we?

Our Dirty Little Secret

Our Dirty Little Secret

I don’t consider myself to have any “guilty pleasures

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