Ready, Set, Go!

Looks like someone’s accidentally thrown the Minogue into the dryer again. For God’s sake, how many times do I have to say it? She’s meant to be air dried, not spun around! Note: “Spinning Around” being the obvious exception. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. Kylie Minogue’s newly leaked B-Side from the new single “Wow” comes off like a Lisa Scott-Lee song produced by Justice and a few Trance DJ’s during a massive cocaine binge. A massive mind trip, but brilliance nonetheless, so have yourselves a listen.

DL: Kylie Minogue – Carried Away

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Don’t Call It A Comeback

The andro-friendly, dark-souled synth masters known as Ladytron are making a

The Land of Jacobs

The Land of Jacobs

It’s time to talk frills, y’all

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