“Wings”: The New Delta Goodrem Is, In Typical Delta Goodrem Style, Huge

Delta Goodrem’s latest track SOARS. (See what I did there?)

Delta Goodrem, Queen of Australia (when the Minogue sisters are off-duty), has done it again.

But before we get into all that, I think this is a really opportune time to point out something that’s been weighing on my mind for years: There really should be a drag queen on the scene named Delta Goodrim.

I’ve always felt very strongly about this matter, and I don’t know why it hasn’t happened yet…or maybe it has. I don’t live in Australia, so my exposure to the Australian drag scene is limited exclusively to Courtney Act. Someone take that name! Anyway. I digress.

Really, it should come as a surprise to approximately no one that Delta Goodrem‘s delivered another pop smash: Her buoyant 2012 hit, “Sitting On Top Of The World,” was a quick favorite of mine for the year, as was her foray onto the dance floor later that year, “Dancing With A Broken Heart.”

Two years after notching her latest Aussie Top 10 (“Heart Hypnotic”) along with a few bits and pieces along the way last year, the stunning siren/part-time Voice Australia coach returns with the significantly less wordily titled lead single from her forthcoming album: “Wings” — which is not a Little Mix cover, but still a very excellent song.

There are a bunch of reasons why this latest one truly soars (EH HEH), including but not limited to:

– The hectic, heart-racing guitar riff, which is all sorts of “Edge Of Seventeen.”
– The hectic, heart-racing pre-chorus, which is all sorts of a thrilling rush (“everybodyslookinforanewhorizon“).
– That huge chorus, with massive soaring melodies packed into each word, as though Delta were SPREADING HER WINGS AND TAKING OFF INTO THE NIGHT SKY. (Do you see what she’s done there?)
– The bridge, when the piano and strings come in while Delta dives into her insane LA-LA-LA chant for added sensory overload for good measure

It’s hot and fresh: She’s serving us that Loreen or Agnes (circa Veritas) kind of fire.

“What if I lo-OO-se my self-control? What if I CHOO-ose to let it go? I wanna let yo-OO-u and me collide / Baby, these wi-II-ngs were made, these wings were made to…FLA…LA-LA-LAY.


Strap on your Party City angel wings, paint on your body glitter and bring this bop to your local DJ, stat.

(Oh, and it’s not available in America yet/ever because the world is cruel and nothing is ever fair. So much for Global Release Day!)


“Wings” was released on July 24. (iTunes)

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