I Ai Ayu

I hate this bitch. She’s sucking me dry! Ayu-Mi-X 6: Gold, Ayu-Mi-X 6: Silver, a special release of the vinyls of every past single she’s done, the Asia Tour 2007 DVD, and now THIS? “Mirrorcle World”. A super-duper deluxe release of an already released song (“Mirror”…though lengthened by a few minutes), as well as a re-recording of her past hit songs? Now just who in the hell does she think she is, the Japanese Madon–Oh, wait….right…Hmm.

Okay then, here are the luscious cover shots of Ayumi Hamasaki‘s eleventy sixth single release:

And, until the PV, airs…here’s the full song accompanied by splices of her past videos.

People Of The World…

People Of The World…

Eurovision is a sorely overlooked spectacle in the West

Nodding Off

Nodding Off

Two songs of the moment, both from the past

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