Nodding Off

Two songs of the moment, both from the past.

One of which is from, shockingly, Queen B. The other, Maria Marcus, who you probably haven’t heard of.

I’ll start with Britney. This is a B-side of sorts as it only saw a release on the bonus CD accompanying the In The Zone DVD. It’s called “Girls & Boys”. The track was written by the fabulous Linda Perry, who’s reputation precedes her. The track doesn’t stray all too far from the familiar scenery of In The Zone, though I suspect its less radio-friendly format and all-too-sexual lyrics kept the song from ever becoming an album track. It’s nice and sexy, though I like to play it most before I slip into bed.

So, if you don’t have every Britney track under the sun, then this may have slipped your radar.

DL: Britney Spears – Girls & Boys

Then there’s Maria Marcus, who sort of comes out of nowhere in this post. She’s a Swedish songstress, though she hasn’t even garnered enough attention to merit herself a Wikipedia page, which is quite sad. I’m not sure why she’s not a bigger deal…she’s got a lovely voice! Her webpage is listed here, and she’s still putting out singles. This song is essentially a Swedish man’s Michelle Branch/Vanessa Carlton off-shoot from 2005, but it’s quite beautiful. And I guess I can say that I’m a sucker for the chorus lyrics: “Talk to me, laugh with me, / ‘Cause music is the consequence of love / Live with me, passionately / ‘Cause music is the consequence of love.”

It’s a little bit cheesy, but a lotta bit impressionable. I fell in love with the track a long time ago though it’s never really left my mind…How romantic, yes?

DL: Maria Marcus – Music Is…

Please go to her shop site to hear the full tracks of her latest release, “I Don’t Know”. The B-side, “I Remember”, is quite lush. But then again, it’s 3 AM, so I tend to be a bit partial to slow songs around this time of night.

I Ai Ayu

I Ai Ayu

I hate this bitch

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

A minimally mysterious and majorly obnoxious website has cropped up from Madge

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