It Actually Burns

You thought the “Little Miss Obsessive” cover was bad? Well, that’s NOTHING compared to the actual album itself. Ashlee‘s new album, Bittersweet World, is out in just a few weeks from now, and the album cover has been revealed.

You know, maybe our pop stars have been fooling us all by allowing us to stumble into an era of purposely shit-tastic album covers. If the case, let the record show that, as always, Britney did it first with Blackout.

Daily B: Cause New Britney’s On A Mission

Daily B: Cause New Britney’s On A Mission

Britney (or her brother) must have been doing some fancy fingerwork with her

That’s Amuro!

That’s Amuro!

Usually I tend to opt for some softer, pensive music on Sundays

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