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It’s funny how these kinds of things crop up whenever I start revisiting my obsession with an artist. In this case, Kelly Clarkson. I had been watching her performance of “Stuff Like That There” just yesterday, wondering what her new sound would be like. I haven’t really mentioned her here yet–though she clearly needs no introduction, but I do sincerely believe she has one of the best vocal talents in the entire industry. Without a doubt.

Now I’m not sure what these are quite yet, as I’m in class. Then again, I shouldn’t be blogging right now either…but that’s beside the point. Frankly, this is too urgent to ignore! Four Kelly demos, and perhaps more, have just leaked. I haven’t had the chance to hear them (obviously), but I’m posting them anyway. Leave me comments to let me know how they sound before I get home. The posters on the Envvy forums are referring to the songs as similar in style to Jack Johnson and Surfjan Stevens. No word on what demo session they’re from, or if they’re for the upcoming album.

EDIT: I’m back from class, though I’ve made the decision not to post any of these demos, as a result of some serious drama surrounding their release. Apparently these are stolen tracks, and not leaked in any way. If you’ve got your hands on them, great. If not, I’m sorry. Frankly though, these are the most mature sounding and melodic acoustic sessions I’ve ever heard from Kelly so far. I’m absolutely blown away by “Ready” and “Close Your Eyes”. They’re like lighter-hearted Tegan & Sara songs, subtracting the more dramatic crashing sounds of their music, and adding a sprinkle of Indigo Girls. Each one is preciously constructed, and most refreshingly free of bitter hooks. I love her to death for all of her angst, but it was time to recover from the heartbreak. This is truly a revitalization.

Source: Envvy Forums

Boob Tape

Boob Tape

Well this was a bit out of the blue, but then again…it’s Amy

Sad Disco, Happy Sounds.

Sad Disco, Happy Sounds.

It’s finally time for the second album release for my Australian

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