Between “Aaliyah (feat. Jessie Ware),” “5 AM” and “I Like You,” Katy B‘s already given us plenty of reason to believe that her upcoming second studio album, Little Red, will be one of the best pop records of 2014.

Today, the UK dance-pop diva dropped the video for “Crying For No Reason” — her immaculate electronic ballad, due out on January 26 — and it’s only further proof that Katy B is doing everything right.

The visual is simple, but effective: Katy dramatically croons her heartbreaking track to the camera surrounded by her band and tons of flashing lights, allowing the emotion of the song to stand front and center — not entirely unlike the set-up for Robyn‘s iconic sad disco anthem, “Dancing On My Own.” (It also sort of looks like a re-creation of the gorgeous colorful artwork from the Little Red era.) Go grab a few tissues and report to the dance floor.

This is mature dance-pop at its finest, basically.

‘Little Red’ will be released on February 3. (iTunes)