Passionate Girl

The only thing better than a Girls Aloud singing is a Girls Aloud dancing. On the British show Passions, four of the five members (don’t even start with the break-up rumors) participated in the show devoted to fulfilling dreams. Cheryl’s dream? To learn to dance–street style.

The first episode premiered about a week ago, so watch Cheryl take on the task. She’s a sassy little shit sometimes! The accent is so silly. Highlights include being transformed into a “hip-hop clown diva” and Cheryl complaining that “I’m absolutely shitting me-self.” Brilliant. Watch the six part series (a half hour in total) to see if Cheryl makes it as a dancer (is there any doubt, honestly?) for Will.I.Am‘s new video for “Heartbreaker”. Stop being so critical of yourself, Chez, you’re wonderful.

Now that you’ve seen that, download the song from Will.I.Am’s album. The single version will feature Cheryl in the backing track, so I’ll be sure to post it when it becomes available. It’s hot stuff.

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DL: Will.I.Am – Heartbreaker

Daily B: Showtime

Daily B: Showtime

Did everyone watch the South Park episode on Wednesday?

Daily B: Success!

Daily B: Success!

Did you see it?

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