BoA Feedback Video

‘Feedback’: BoA, Queen of K-Pop, Returns With a Nostalgic Summer Bop

BoA’s back – and she wants some feedback from you.

BoA, Queen of K-Pop™, is back – because she’s got to keep carrying the entire K-pop industry on her back. (Kidding, although I do secretly love seeing comments like that.)

“Feedback” – her latest Korean single, out on Tuesday (June 4) – might as well have been called “Throwback,” because that’s exactly what it sounds like: an easy, breezy, synth-y, summery bop from the early ’00s with an ’80s edge. The giddy, funky tune actually sounds more like her glossy pop Japanese releases than the bulk of her Korean work – “Key of Heart / Dotch” anyone? The Nucksal feature is fun, but kind of unneeded, truthfully. Why must all of my seasoned faves insist on features?

The song’s all about…err, requesting feedback: “There’s one thing I want to hear: I want a feedback, I want a feedback from you,” she requests. Someone get this woman a comment card, stat! It’s also yet another BoA co-write and co-production, further demonstrating her hands-on involvement in her career, and her talent as more than just a pop star.

BoA flaunts some fun, cutesy high fashion lewks and just generally looks beautiful (duh) in the sugary-sweet video, which some fans have pointed out also gets points for its diverse cast of dancers and extras – a less common occurrence in Korean pop. Only the Queen of Inclusivity!

It’s been quite something to watch BoA evolve over the years, and – more importantly – endure.

It’s no secret that playing the long game in any industry is a challenge over time, especially when it comes to the hyper-critical, youth-driven entertainment industry. I’m watching a lot of my most beloved idols fight against the inevitable tide of the waves of next-best-things – from Madonna to BoA, who is still only 32 but almost two decades deep into her career – and it’s both upsetting and inspiring all at once.

I’m possibly-maybe projecting, but things have changed so much in such a short amount of time with this industry…it just feels really nice to see my all-time favorites continue to put out content.

Thanks for coming back to us yet again, BoA – and thanks for a fun new addition to this summer’s poolside playlist.

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“Feedback” was released on June 4. (Apple Music)

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