Six Minutes To Save The World

A-ha! The first official remix of Madonna‘s “4 Minutes” is now out from one of my favorite remixers, Junkie XL! It’s a very slow grow, so allow it to build. But once it does, you’ll notice how superior it becomes to its predecessor. The drawback is that the song isn’t really featured here, and the track could as well just be a dub. It’s not, this is just how he chose to remix. But it’s okay…notice how much better the song sounds when her vocals are placed on Junkie’s driven beats. She may be trying to bring it street style, but she’ll always find refuge in the dancefloor. You can’t escape, M-Dolla! You can check out the dub version at his MySpace.

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DL: Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes (Junkie XL Remix)

Danger, High Voltage

Danger, High Voltage

Finally, some concrete news from Ladytron!



And the promotion continues

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