To The Left, To The Right

Start moseying over to DrownedMadonna now to get exclusive screen caps of the upcoming video for Madonna‘s second single off of the wildly disappointing Hard Candy album. Crushed aspirations aside, the video appears to be edgy, sexy, and “different.” I must say, it looks to be of higher caliber than any of the Confessions videos, though she’s really got to quit with the voguing in front of the mirror. I’ve seen it all before and I…can’t take it anymore. Judging from the pictures, I’m expecting a lot of wardrobe changes, perhaps some neat and unique camera work, and a whole bunch of split screen action. I’m personally dying for the “get stupid” bit. The release date for the video is still a bit shaky, but at this point it must be sometime in the very near future. Five months ’til tour, baby!
Like Watching A Baby Chick Learn To Fly..

Like Watching A Baby Chick Learn To Fly..

So too shall we watch Michelle Williams learn to go solo properly with her new

Daily B: Heating Up

Daily B: Heating Up

After spending a few days causing chaos on the beaches of Costa Rica, my darling

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