Sweet Dreams

This got pulled pretty quick from YouTube, so I don’t know the deal is, though I assume it’s a brand new clip/demo from the upcoming dance-oriented album pegged for the latter half of ’08. The sound is far from what she’s done before–it’s very dancefloor, and reminds me of a big ’90’s club hit, but riddled with Beyoncéistic vocal spatterings. It’s a bit dark, too. I happen to like it a lot more than the recycled format she’s been maintaining as of late. Give me some feedback on this.

Oh, and I don’t know the proper spelling of the second word…I’m assuming the file name is the accurate spelling.

DL: Beyonc̩ РBeautiful Nitemare

Fall Into The Dark

Fall Into The Dark

I’ve got a hot club song that could be impacting the clubs

Beat Goes On

Beat Goes On

Here we go with the radio edit of will

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