Beat Goes On

Here we go with the radio edit of‘s fabulous thumper “Heartbreaker”, featuring the backing vocals and middle-8 by Miss Cheryl Tweedy. Cheryl Cole, who? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Now this is a radio edit, so we sadly miss out on the “fucking jerk” bit, which has been warped and reversed with some Cheryl, but yeah. Still works. Have yourselves a listen!

Speaking of Cheryl, she’s also got this side band called Girls Aloud, who performed their latest single on T4 last week. They look absolutely stunning, especially Kimba.

For God’s sake Nadine, you’ve got the best voice of the lot, but you simply cannot go that low during the first verse. Just do something improvisational…you’ve done it before! Shake a leg or give a nice wink or two to the camera. It’s just common decency. And you’re scaring me a bit with the faces for that matter. Anyway, nice job being on point with the dance moves ladies. Keep it up!

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DL: ft. Cheryl Tweedy – Heartbreaker (Radio Edit)

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

This got pulled pretty quick from YouTube, so I don’t know the deal is,

Introducing….Ready, Fire, Aim

Introducing….Ready, Fire, Aim

No, not a typo

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