Don’t Tell ‘Em What You Know About Me…

Alas, my latest Swedish delight to stumble upon! Her name is Britta Persson, a refreshing indie-pop treat. Quite airy like Lykke Li and complete with a country twang in the vein of Nina Persson (of The Cardigans…related?) She released her second album, Hollywood Kill Me, back in January in the motherland of pop, and plans to release worldwide at some point.

The album is a great accompanying piece to the sights and sounds of summer’s return. Britta’s music combines side-stepping rhythm of country western music, echoed, repetitive vocals, and crashing drum beats. She’s got a ’90’s female rocker voice, something quite similar to Joan Osborne. The more memorable songs of the bunch tend to incorporate sudden drum flourishes and building, crashing choruses. The final product isn’t exactly mind blowing, but is soothing none the less. It’s a summer’s breeze of sound, really. That, and Swedish. Don’t forget it. Click below for the video!

Bite-Size Hard Candy

Bite-Size Hard Candy


Daily B: Changes

Daily B: Changes

A little insight into the current recording sessions with Larry, via an

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