Catching Up With The Material Girl

Madonna‘s clearly in the full swing of things with the promotion for her new album, Hard Candy. To the left is one of the pictures from her spread in Vanity Fair. Click on read more to see some additional scans from the magazine. I love the look of this particular photo shoot, as bend-and-crotch friendly as it may be. She also did a story for Elle, and the cover is right here:

Drowned Madonna has also posted a bunch of new stills from the upcoming video for “4 Minutes”, so click here to see them. It appears that there will be some sort of sassy dance off with Justin in front of a giant digital clock, as well as some clothing and skin removal. A bit Robbie Williams of her…Oh, and she looks very 2002 “Music” here. Most importantly from all of the leaked screen captures, the appearance of those hot mess shoes from the single cover:


EDIT: The screen captures are simply pouring in now…it’s only a matter of time before the full video leaks. Head on over to MadonnaTribe’s exclusive display of caps right here, featuring a very exposed Justin Timberlake:

Put some Neosporin on it love, you’re going to get a nasty case of gangrene.

USA Goes X

USA Goes X

As a reminder to everyone, Kylie‘s X is being released in the States

Unlike The Dinosaurs…

Unlike The Dinosaurs…

Michelle Williams plans to be kicking for a lot longer than most of us

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