Dance, Daddy O!

Well hey there, it’s the video for the dance song of the week, “Daddy O” by Wideboys!

Things you need to know here:

Firstly, the singer’s name is Shaznay Lewis. Shaz. Nay. Yes, it’s pronounced as deliciously as its spelled.

Shaznay’s got a snazzy tattoo on her tatty and hails from the almighty All Saints. A persistent bunch of lassies though they are, they were dropped from Parlophone after failing to crack the UK with their second single “Chick Fit,” (which really wasn’t all that good to begin with) and have since begun looking for a new label. Godspeed.

The label spent more money on Wideboys than Dannii. Again.

The song sounds like every dance-based reggaeton song ever, except it’s climbing the UK charts at break-neck speed for no apparent reason. Good on them.

Shaz’s voice (I’ve decided it an appropriate nickname at this point) is basically that of Alesha Dixon. Yes, pure cat.

Special Agent Beehive

Special Agent Beehive


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Daily B: Back For More

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