Oh, Frankie Baby!

Posting about this artist is more than a pleasure, though it presents more than a mere problem for me to try and express the sheer amount of approval I have for Frankmusik. I guess I can’t do it…He is just incredible. It’s not only rare, it’s damn near impossible for me to think of an artist who’s tunage I dig consistently from track to track, aside from the notable Queens of Pop that already make themselves quite visible across my blog feed.

To me, Frankmusik is the Most Exciting Thing In Modern Male Pop. You can quote me on that! A creamy, rich voice, devastatingly addictive melodies and riffs, a keen sensibility with instrumentation and vocal effects, and to top it all off…A bit of a fox.

Frankmusik’s got a video coming along verrry soon (Spoiler: It features a large keyboard!), so while we wait on that, I thought I’d post the corresponding track, “3 Little Words,” a relentlessly chugging number that sounds something like being dipped in glitter and tossed into a Nintendo game, run-and-jumping your way over disco-ball shaped Goombas and neon glow Koopa Troopas. Go ahead and lose yourself in the stomping, glittering brilliance of the track, released on the supreme Frankisum EP. Seriously, it’s damn near pop perfection.

Christ, I’m treading into Rachel Zoe territory over here. Seriously…Shut it down. Nail me in a coffin right now: Witch vibes, witch vibes, hero song…I die.

Girls Aloud: The Force

Girls Aloud: The Force

Make it a point today to read through The Guardian’s fabulous interview

Daily B: Womanizer Video Clip

Daily B: Womanizer Video Clip

ABC is really sticking it to us this time around

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