Don’t Want To See

This is why “All I See” was a bad idea. And why that wig was never a good idea in the first place. Click above to watch Kylie perform “All I See” on Dancing With The Stars, the first US performance in over five years. A mess, honestly. Oh, and Kylie, if you’re going to attempt to be urban for the states to love you, then don’t tote around your glitter microphone. What? No trust me, I love it too, but no one’s going to find it particularly “street” of you to be waving that around.

So what does she perform after this? Yep. The only American mega-hit, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”…just in case she actually wanted to establish herself as going beyond the safety zone of her past hits.

It’s not Kylie’s fault, honestly. This is an impossible market. I guess I wish she could perform as she really wished to…that’s all. A tear in the name of acceptance slowly drops along my cheek.

Unlike The Dinosaurs…

Unlike The Dinosaurs…

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Daily B: Management

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