Introducing…Carolina Liar

If you happen to watch The Hills, you may have noticed Heidi Montag‘s fat head. But more importantly, you may have also noticed that the show features some pretty decent music from time to time. Carolina Liar is no exception. The new band’s sound is sort of like a more laid back, Californian spin on the music of The Killers. I’m actually quite digging “I’m Not Over,” the lead single from the band. It’s a fast paced, riffing track…nice and summery. It borders on Daughtry territory at times, but luckily, I think it manages to turn itself upright. You can check out the video below!

The real selling point here though is “Show Me What I’m Looking For,” their second single. It’s an absolutely epic, rocking tune that sort of makes you feel like you’ve accidentally walked into that Christian revival going on in town. But trust me, it’s the sound that’s religious, not the message.

“I’m Not Over”
“Show Me What I’m Looking For”
Check out their MySpace here, and if you find yourself saying “Hey, I’d like to support this band via financial resources,” you can head on over to iTunes and grab it legal style.

Koda Wants Lady Lumps

Koda Wants Lady Lumps

It looks like Ms

See All I See

See All I See

What kind of fuckery is this?

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