Making Love In The Summer

CSS is coming back with a new album for summer called Donkey. I imagine they’re getting tired of waiting around for the release, so they decided to post their new single “Rat Is Dead (Rage)” on their official site which you can download right here.

The new single is certainly the poppiest thing they’ve ever recorded, though there are some brief traces of raw, shrieking female vocals, which certainly help to elevate the track. Altogether, the song’s not very complicated…just a chugging drum beat to conjure some seriously summery imagery. I’m quite enjoying it, though I’m not sure their fans of a non-pop variety will.

Do give the new single a listen though…your indie-electro friends may even look you straight in the eye for once!

Daily B: Back For More

Daily B: Back For More

She’s sorry she kept you waiting…but she’s here now

About to Blow

About to Blow

Well, they did it CSS, and now they’re coming back with some Ting Tings

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