Little Bright Lights

Infernal just doesn’t know when to quit…Thank God. They’re coming back this year after a brief hiatus from the release of mega-smash, essential pop fest of an album, From Paris To Berlin. The songs from that album plagued my playlists from 2004 to 2006, and I only recently began to come down from their infection.

Now, with a triumphantly over-the-top organ introduction, Infernal returns to us with “Downtown Boys,” the first single from the upcoming Electric Cabaret, due out late in 2008. It’s quite euro-dance, high energy, and all around Infernal. Not as big as “From Paris To Berlin” or “I Won’t Be Crying,” but still enough to motivate some movement.

Make sure you check this one out, I’m sure it’s a sign of things to come. To hear Infernal’s past hits, check out their MySpace here!

DL: Infernal – Downtown Boys

More Witching Hours, New Day

More Witching Hours, New Day

Ladytron’s new album Velocifero, is still about two months away from a

Thank God…

Thank God…

Britney+Larry+Recording Studio= YESTERDAY

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