Still Dull, Now With Tempo Change

I’m confused. I’m hearing Leona Lewis, and I’m also hearing a beat thats ever so slightly faster than mid-tempo. It’s a new song that leaked from the American release of her album, Spirit, called “Forgive Me”. Sounds a bit like Gwen Stefani‘s “The Sweet Escape”, which would make sense, as Akon had a hand in producing both. I like it, generally, though you can still feel the copious amounts of boring seeping through the dance beat. I’ll allow for it. Congratulations on your American #1, darling.

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DL: Leona Lewis – Forgive Me

Making Up For It

Making Up For It

Kylie‘s performance on Dancing with the Stars deeply disappointed me

Jennifer Paige: 5 Steps

Jennifer Paige: 5 Steps


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