Cyndi Lauper
has finally returned with a brand new album release, Bring Ya To The Brink, coming on May 14th in Japan, and the 29th in America. The tracklisting features a wide variety of producers, including some rather exciting names:

1. “High & Mighty” (Scumfrog)
2. “Into The Night Life” (Peer Astrom of Murlyn)
3. “Rocking Chair” (Basement Jaxx)
4. “Echo” (Peer Astrom)
5. “Lyfe”
6. “Same Old Story” (Rich Morel)
7. “Raging Storm” (Rich Morel)
8. “Lay Me Down” (Kleerup)
9. “Give It Up” (Digital Dog)
10. “Set Your Heart” (Rich Morel)
11. “Grab A Hold” (Dragonette)
12. “Rain On Me” (Axwell)

I can’t wait to hear the Kleerup and Dragonette collaborations. A lot of these songs have already been performed while Lauper’s been on the True Colors Tour. I can’t wait to hear them in HQ!

Source: PopJustice! Forums