boa tail of hope

Break out your sunscreen, Japan: Queen BoA‘s back with another summer scorcher.

After snagging a spot in the Top 10 back in February with her Japanese-language version of the very amazing “Only One,” the K-Pop Queen just dropped a fantastic, shimmering single for summer: “Tail of Hope” — a title that makes just about as much sense as her 2006 Japanese summer single, “Key of Heart.” (I’m now waiting for a fall release called “Nipple of Destiny.”)

“Tail of Hope” is a pulsating, totally beach-friendly Carly Rae Jepsen-esque uptempo, complete with a propulsive guitar strum, a sparkling electronic beat and encouraging lyrics about YOLO-ing, seizing the moment and well, catching the tail of hope. Sure.

The song’s B-side, “Baby You…,” is actually a Japanese-language version of her fantastic Korean single “Disturbance,” a subdued, piano-led midtempo released back in January.

Bump this beat and dance it up by the pool — and maybe play a game of pin the tail on the donkey, too?

“Tail Of Hope” was released on June 26. (iTunes Japan / YesAsia)