Teeny Bells and Tambourines

Here’s Lykke Li on Later…with Jools Holland performing one of her better songs, “Little Bit.” It’s a rather tender performance that seems to be one step behind falling apart from the seams at any moment, though it manages to maintain itself until the very end. The music gets a bit demonic-child’s-jewelry box at some bits, but it’s otherwise as genuine as its recorded counterpart. I’m still not nearly in love with the album as much as this song, but I’m nevertheless semi-entranced by her unassuming stage presence. Enjoy!

About to Blow

About to Blow

Well, they did it CSS, and now they’re coming back with some Ting Tings

X Marks The Spot

X Marks The Spot

Kylie‘s coming ’round again, and she’s finally clued us all in

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