Daily B: Larry Rudolph Denies Superbowl Video Premiere and Grammy Awards Performance

In a report published on Access Hollywood yesterday morning, Larry Rudolph responded to recent ‘internet rumors’ (AKA my Excluusive that was posted two nights ago) saying, “Definitely not premiering Super Bowl Sunday!” The article went on to say that Rudolph “shot down” reports that Britney would perform at the Grammy Awards.

Since then, I’ve not heard anything from my own sources to confirm or deny Rudolph’s rebuttal.

So, it’s one of two things (obviously): He’s either trying to put out early fires for now only to reveal that the video premiere is following the Superbowl as I was told was the plan weeks and weeks ago (no, really…weeks ago), or…he’s telling the truth.

Promotional plans are always subject to change last minute (especially with Team B), but I’m still not entirely convinced until the events draw nearer.

A video premiere at the Superbowl would be huge in terms of visibility and hype, and a major US performance at the Grammy Awards would be nothing short of iconic. To skimp out on both of these major opportunities would be–without question–a sorely missed opportunity.

Curiously, both Dr. Luke and Adam Leber have since re-tweeted an article from Bloginity, which celebrates Dr. Luke’s 20th #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Hold It Against Me.” Nothing odd about that–except for the final line of the article:

Britney Spears will perform next month at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony where Dr. Luke is nominated for Producer of the Year.

Did Leber simply skim through and not notice that? Or was it an accidental acknowledgment of what I’ve previously reported?

Until I know more, I’ve got my ear to the ground and my hands clutched around my Brit Brit rosary beads as always…


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