Who’s That Girl?

I do a lot of strange things in the shower. I sing, I dance, I [insert lyrics to Britney Spears‘ “Touch of my Hand” here,] but I also think about things. Like, really deep things. Tonight’s shower subject was the deepest of the deep: ROBYN IS RELEASING HER INTERNATIONALLY 2005 RELEASED SELF-TITLED ALBUM IN THE UNITED STATES OF WE HAVE TERRIBLE MUSIC TASTE TOMORROW.

The girl who brought you 90’s anthems such as “Show Me Love” is back with an album that bleeds pop creativity. The adventure begins with “Curriculum Vitae” which is the most in-your-face introduction that has been released in recent times. Thunder and hell’s bells set the tone for the intro’s opening lines, “Listen, you cannot stop this, you cannot escape it, and you can’t turn it off / So I’d appreciate your kind consideration in this matter, sir or ma’am, would you please turn it the fuck up.” If you don’t follow these sets of instructions and turn it up, you’re out of your mind.

“Konichiwa Bitches,” the albums opening track, tells you everything you need to know about the album through the lyrics. She’s so hot that you call the fire station, she’ll take you on…and she’ll stuff you in the trunk. Sounds like my mind of girl..if I were straight. Robyn’s album continues on with its electro beats on “Cobrastyle” and takes a creative (and safe) twist by reversing the word “nazi” in “Handle Me.”

The album takes an extremely emotional turn with the song that got me hooked on this girl, which is possibly the album’s highlight track. The Kleerup produced “With Every Heartbeat” is packed with a 4/4 bass and kick, synths that could make you cry if they were more musically elaborated, and lyrics about a broken heart that leave you thinking about that love that got away. It hurts with every heartbeat to listen to this song–but don’t be nervous. Even though the album’s next track “Who’s That Girl,” covers female insecurity, it attacks trying to be strong and independent even when wanting to be that girl. It also brings back the upbeat electro-R&B beats that this record is built on.

“Crash and Burn” has a unique vocal sample that plays from start to end and has Robyn singing like she’s a female Prince during the verses, pop-queen during the bridge, and R&B princess during the chorus. This is about as eclectic as the album gets, which is not a problem at all.

If you’re still listening past “Robot Boy” and “Eclipse,” then you already fuckin’ know that this album is nothing short of fire and “Should Have Known” enforces that fact. This strict R&B track, which sounds like something Monica could sing is yet another album stand out that covers the subject of a woman being a fool for not seeing a future break up.

“Anything you Like,” an ambient-R&B track slows the album down to a 3LW-esque crawl and takes you to the ending comical track “Jack U Off,” but Robyn, I don’t need you to do that….I just got out of the shower.

Album Highlights:
-With Every Heartbeat
-Should Have Known
-Handle Me
-Crash and Burn

Other releases for April 29th, 2008:
“Hard Candy” by Madonna (What was she thinking? ew!!)
“Third” by Portishead (I’m sure you’ll see a great album review for this on Tuesday/Wednesday.)

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