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I made a little Muusical faux-pas tonight, mentioning the album but forgetting to post my review of Martha Wainwright‘s spectacular second full length album, I Know You’re Married, But I’ve Got Feelings Too. And yes, the title’s perfection is on par with the album’s contents. Now yes, this is Rufus Wainwright’s sister. She’s got a musical career of her own, you know. These things can get a little messy sometimes when siblings take on the industry, but thankfully the Wainwrights are settled comfortably into their own musical niches in life.

The opening track to Wainwright’s album, “Bleeding All Over You,” may be a little off-putting at first. With a frolicking country twang, the first few bars of the song weren’t initially captivating, and neither were Martha’s unusual vocal skills. Sort of a cross between Tori Amos and Stevie Nicks, Martha’s got a brightly eccentric, at times cartoon-ish voice that drifts the line between bold and beautiful throughout the CD. Once the song carries into the chorus however, there’s no doubt that the artist has crafted something wonderful.

But before you’ve got a chance to envelop yourselves into the mood of the first track, “You Cheated Me,” bursts in with a wonderfully catchy jaunt into vindication and anger. “You cheated me, and I can’t believe it / I’ve been calling since four o’ clock last night,” she laments throughout the chorus.It’s not Kelly Clarkson angst, but it’s tangibly tart.

“Jesus and Mary” then sweeps in, a pensive, calculating whirlwind of biblical allusions and vocal exorcism. It’s a beautiful little trip while it lasts, short as the ride may be. Oh, and that yelling middle eight is a brief moment of hallucinogenic, religious bliss, short as it may be.

And so the album continues in this fashion–or rather, in no fashion in particular. Each track is wonderfully assorted; sultry, vindictive, and often as theatrical as her brother’s work, the album closes to form a mature, fulfilling work of art.

Much in the same vein of my all-time favorite bands, The Cardigans, Wainwright has her way with the sounds and sways of typical country twang, yet never employs the genre into her music. Instead, the plucks of the guitar form the canvas for something much prettier in the long run–a beautiful composition, at that.

Please check out her MySpace here to listen to upcoming tracks from the new album!



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Ghost In The Machine

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