Like Watching A Baby Chick Learn To Fly..

So too shall we watch Michelle Williams learn to go solo properly with her new video for “We Break The Dawn,” her brilliant first single from the upcoming album. Yeah, I know she had that whole “Christian solo career” business back in the day, but no one actually appreciates that type of work. So let’s all just agree to forget. Now, I think the dances could have been much more choreographed, and there could have been more outfits up in this shoot, but the brief paparazzi glamour shots and all that flinging in betwixt the male dancers were moments of pure love. I don’t know, did anyone else find her motions to be slightly reminiscent of those of the Queen of poshes herself, Victoria Beckham? Especially all that refusal to dance and voguing going on.

Anyway, I’m proud. It’s a solid attempt. I don’t know if she’ll capture the right audience, please the crowds, and all that nonsense, but she’s doing all that she should for this type of music. So fly away, chickadee…fly. Anywhere that Beyonce isn’t standing with a bloodied pair of clippers and a vengeful pair of eyes.

Not Bad

Not Bad

Well, this was a surprise!

To The Left, To The Right

To The Left, To The Right

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