A Waste Of Stars

Oh, hey there, it’s the new video for the six month old single “Everybody Nose” from N.E.R.D.! It’s trashy, flashy, and completely void of any real entertainment value–much like the song it corresponds to. Sure, it features cameos by Lindsay Lohan, Cory Kennedy, Samantha Ronson, and Kanye West. However, it does nothing for me at all.

What is this exactly? A pro-cocaine after school special? I don’t get it, but I know that it’s nothing special. Another video that merely glamorizes the overly self-indulgent hipster socialite scene? NEXT.

Swedish Days

Swedish Days

Swedesplease has just posted a blog about Kiryakin, an up-and-coming Swedish

And So It Begins…

And So It Begins…

Head on over to Junior Vasquez‘ MySpace now to check out a small preview

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