Cheryl Cole Performs “Promise This” on BBC’s Children In Need

Brace yourselves: I’m about to praise Cheryl Cole for something related to her Messy Little Raindrops-era music career. I KNOW. I don’t know what’s going on either.

Tonight Chezza performed her record-breaking #1 single of questionable quality “Promise This” for the BBC’s annual British charity telethon, Children in Need. (WATCH)

And you know what? It was–wait for it: UH-mazing. (To be said Katy Perry “Peacock” style.)

Why? There are several reasons. For one thing, Chezza looked amazing. And while this has never not been the case, she looked particularly amazing tonight in a flowing, Stevie Nicks-esque red drapery thing.

Secondly, I’ve always maintained that “Promise This” would be good if it weren’t for that cheap, glitch-tastic spacey electro production. That guitar-led intro–coupled with the live vocals–only served to prove my point: “Promise This” is gorgeous once you scoop away the goop.

Of course, the song did eventually break into its original form–but just like her second X Factor stint, the dancing, confidence and energy were simply on the mark. It was a major pop performance!

There was plenty of dancing. And flashing lights. There were even ballerinas! Which, as Kanye could tell you, are so totally in right now.

Blame this on being in a very good, rejuvenated mood after having watched Britney‘s For The Record for the fifty billionth time, but you know what? Cheryl is wonderful.

Yes, her music remains objectively terrible. And yes, Girls Aloud should still reunite because this whole solo schtick simply isn’t good enough. But GAH–she’s just so genuine! And sweet! And charming! And she delivers killer live performances every single time! I can no longer resist her on the basis of shoddy production alone.

While I’ll never take back my critique of Messy Little Raindrops, I promise to loosen up the reigns on Cheryl as a solo pop star.

She’s doing her thing. Bless her heart. Her messy, messy little heart.

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