Don’t Call It A Comeback

Sputter..gah–sputter, gasp! I’m alive, my sweet blogger and blogettes, I’m ALIVE! A week’s time is almost a lifetime in blog world, and as we all full well know…a blogger’s work is never done. Seriously, I hate being away from the Internet for any longer than a day. The world moves on at a rapid pace; music debuts at the blink of an eye, internet memes are born and forgotten, and celebrities consummate and birth at any given time. Who has time to look away in this day and age?

Luckily, I’m back for a bit. Where am I, you ask? Florida. What am I doing there? None of your damn business. Why do you ask? Oh, you say you don’t give a toss? What’s a toss? Oh. Right. English speak, I get confused sometimes. Well good, I don’t want to bore you, either. Onto the music, then.

It’s been two, maybe three years, since PopJustice declared simply that Annie’s Richard X-produced “Songs Remind Me Of You” was to be one of the finest pop gems in recent history. After reading the post so long ago, I decided that the track must, at least, be semi-perfect, as far as the title is concerned. The album then began to go through the usual bag of release date setbacks, track reworking, and general hootenanny causing great delays in final production. But alas, the track is almost upon us—-to the point where PopJustice was finally able to upload a thirty second sample of the work! I screamed, I cried, I learned, and I hope you do the same. It’s a little sad disco, a lot of pumping synth, and a whole lot of reverberating “on the radio,” which is a well established pop phrase of perfection. The full track will be available when the album is released later this year.

Actually, I just visited her MySpace…it seems she’s uploaded “My Love Is Better,” the track that was meant to be a collaboration with Girls Aloud. The group’s vocals were later axed, but the track remains solid. Actually–Wait a minute! Yes! There’s a full minute clip of “Songs Remind Me Of You”! It’s the beginning of the track. Hackers, get to work quickly and splice the two samples together….we’ve got nearly a third of the track!

I went to Virgin today and bought a fine assortment of CD’s: Bitter:Sweet‘s Drama, Hercules & Love Affair‘s self titled album, and Manumission’s 3 CD-Set of Ibiza Classic Collection chock full of the fruitiest house hits from the past years. It was $10. Consider it my silent ode to Pride. I’m in the process of reviewing these.

That being said, I’m currently listening to Sonny J‘s debut, Disastro.

Britney‘s been busy drumming up the best of the lot for her upcoming sixth album, supposedly due out around Christmas. Newly added to the list? Darkchild, mastermind of the superior “Overprotected” remix and dominator of early ’00 pop. The producer joins a long list including Bloodshy & Avant, Guy Sigsworth, and Dallas Austin, a musical orgy of possibility. Mmm…

On and on, on the beat goes…

Calm Down…

Calm Down…

It’s not “Hung Up

Losing Grip

Losing Grip

No words…So upsetting

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