Kay, I can breathe now. So according to the snoops over at BMK, we’ve deduced that the newly leaked Britney Spears rehearsal video recording was done by her bodyguard after seeing a short glimpse of him in the mirror. Additionally, picture evidence suggests that this was shot on August 22nd at the International Dance Academy.

What’s more is that according to E!, the song has been confirmed as “Underground,” the choreographer identified as Andre Fuentes, and when they asked MTV if she was indeed performing, all E! got was a “No comment.”

Logistics aside, this is a nearly completed return to form. What I’m seeing is very Britney 2003. There’s a focus in her steps unlike last year’s awkward nervousness, as well as a more toned body. I wouldn’t be too worried if she went up on stage this year, but I don’t think she will. I just happen to think that MTV is trying to milk her appearance for all it’s worth…though I could be wrong.

That being said, this is clearly for some event, and the fact that it’s professionally shot and edited down properly makes me confident that this wasn’t an unplanned leak.

Either way she’s back, and…this time, it’s right.

Oh yeah, and Christina ‘Tiggie McBitty’ Aguilera‘s new song dropped yesterday from her upcoming Greatest Hits album. Nothing like a little classic rivalry…Is it any wonder who’s already won?